New Year and a New Look

Last year I kinda dragged my feet and didn’t really do much related to a job that I really enjoy.  I finally decided to revamp the website to make my presence on the world.  It took me a while to finally come up with a design.  After hours and hours of thinking, it finally came to me while I was about to fall asleep.  I just had in my mind a purple stripe surrounded by grey.  After doing some thinking I finally came up with the design that is currently on the web site.

I sat down in the chair and began the process of building a web site.  I am not a coder, as I like to say, ” I make things pretty while the coders make it function.”  I have never been one to enjoy coding,  I claim that I cut and paste code.  I have a mild understanding of how things work but I just can’t sit there and type up 1,000 lines of code and not have any form of output as a result.  I have always been one who enjoys the instant output of Photoshop.  I After 14 hours of work I finally had my vision of how I wanted to present myself and my company to the world.

So I am now able to present to you the new website of Andrew Sundberg.  After all my hard work I am finally happy with the results.  I am my own worst customer, I was never happy with my results.  It takes a lot for me to make it work and make me happy.