we are an identity, print & web design company

Who is Andrew Sundberg?

Based in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Andrew Sundberg is a one-man web design company with an eye for design. 

I take the time to get to know your company, its philosophy, as well as the goals that you have set in place for your growth.  Whether you’re looking for a long-term partner for your graphic design needs or just need help for a small project, Andrew Sundberg is here to help make sure that it gets done.

Andrew Sundberg

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people does Andrew Sundberg employee?

Andrew Sundberg is ran by one person, Andrew Sundberg.  If the project requires more people to work on it, he know other designers that he can call in to help to make sure that the projects get down quickly and efficiently.

How much am I expected to pay for a project?

This is never an easy question.   Each project is different and will require a different set of skills.  It all depends on the time frame, the type of project and the specifics.  You can, however, get a free quote by filling out this Project Quote. 

Can we hire you to work for our company for the long-term?

Yes.  You can hire me to work for the long-term.  I also do individual projects as they come up.  I like to think of myself as an investment for your company that will help increase your company as a whole.

What are your typical clients at Andrew Sundberg?

Our clients range from small to large companies, as well as individuals from all over the world.  I enjoy working with companies and organizations that have a clear vision of the direction they are heading in.

Where is your company located?

Even though I work with clients from around the world, Andrew Sundberg is based in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.  If you are local, we can meet up and have a chat!

How do we get started working with you?

You can contact me in several ways.  You can call me or email me, but the best way to get started with a project is to fill out the
Project Quote Request.  Once we have made our first contact, we’ll get to know each other and make sure we’re on the same page for your project.  Once we have that connection, we’ll review the details and map out the project plan.